City Spotlight: Holidays in NYC

We don’t get many rainy days here in L.A., which is why, I think, they always remind me of being somewhere else. Today, my head is lost in visions of New York City, where I spent New Year’s Eve in 2008… Read More



City Spotlight: The Irish Bank

Although I went to college in the Bay Area, I have only had a handful of opportunities to explore San Francisco. Each time I go I find more to love about the city—there is so much to do and see and explore… Read More



City Spotlight: Mars Cheese Castle

My boyfriend’s dad lives in Wisconsin, near a little place called Mars Cheese Castle. Yes, it does actually look like a castle. And it is amazing… Read More



City Spotlight: Boston

I’m a California girl, born and raised. All I know about the birth of this country, I learned in history class … and on annual field trips to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Independence Hall. A trip to Boston showed me how much history I missed growing up on the West Coast… Read More



City Spotlight: Pequod’s Pizzeria

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, and plenty of restaurants throughout the city claim to have the best pies… Read More



City Spotlight: Sobelman’s Pub & Grill

Down a nondescript Milwaukee street lined with industrial buildings, Sobelman’s Pub & Grill stands tall, offering beer, award-winning burgers and appetizer-like bloody Marys to all who can find it… Read More



City Spotlight: Playa del Carmen

More than a year ago, over Memorial Day weekend, I took a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for a wedding. Besides a day trip to Ensenada with Carnival Cruise Lines, this was my first real visit to the country, and my feelings were mixed…Read More



City Spotlight: Santa Barbara

Last November, I celebrated my 25th birthday. For this quarter-of-a-century landmark, it was my every intention to go big or go home. In my case, going big meant taking a weekend trip with my boyfriend to Santa Barbara for wine tasting, delicious dinners and gorgeous ocean views… Read More


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