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It should be no secret by now that I like to cook. I may not be a gourmet chef—or anything anywhere close to it—but I enjoy trying out new recipes and shaking things up for dinner at least once a week. Lately I’ve been hooked on the blog Skinnytaste.com; author Gina Homolka has developed tons of fantastic healthy and easy recipes, and very generously shares them with those of us whose talents are a bit lacking in the kitchen.

For my most recent Skinnytaste adventure, I opted to try Gina’s Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers. How could I not with those delicious-looking photos she posted with the recipe? I didn’t have time to stop at the market before making dinner so I had to go with a ground beef filling, but that was just fine, or as my boyfriend called it, “better.” The rest of the main ingredients I luckily already had in the pantry and fridge, along with some brown rice, which I cooked with a little chili powder as a spicy side.

Just a warning, the total cooking time for these babies is about an hour and a half so be sure to plan ahead to avoid eating dinner super late. I was, however, a major fan of all the downtime I had while waiting for first the filling and then the peppers to cook, leaving plenty of time to do dishes as I went along…and thankfully less to clean up post-meal.

santa-fe-stuffed-peppersAll in all, the dish was a success! Gina’s recipe was very easy to follow (always a plus!), and I was incredibly satisfied with the end result. For this occasion, I was only making dinner for two, but I think the peppers would be great to make as hors d’oeuvres of sorts for a dinner party, too. Simple. Versatile. Delicious. Love.