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trina-turkI’m no fashionista … and I’m okay with that. However, I do like to dress nice and be creative with color and accessories, which means packing for a trip can be especially tricky. I often find myself trying to justify why I need five pairs of shoes—flops, ballet flats, wedges, heels and sneakers—for a weekend getaway, but this girl likes to have options!

WhereTraveler.com, which provides insider expertise for more than 100 destinations around the globe, recently interviewed designer Trina Turk about her travel regimen, from what she packs in her suitcase to what she wears on the plane. I’m already a Trina Turk fan (walking into one of her brightly colored boutiques just feels like being on vacation), and this interview made me love her even more. She offers great advice about travel essentials and how to transition an outfit from day to night.

What surprised me most was that Trina says she never checks a bag at the airport when traveling to a destination, instead always carrying on. Can that really be possible?? I suppose if someone as style savvy as Trina can do it, then so can I. My next trip is to San Francisco for a few days next month; I’ll let you know how it goes…

[Image from www.wheretraveler.com]