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Healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair. It’s what every girl wants, right? Some of us are lucky enough to have it in our genes, while the rest of us are forced to sift through product after product to find the right combination of shampoo/conditioner/mousse/gel/whatever to achieve a picture perfect mane.

Until recently, I was stuck in a rut of bad shampoo and conditioner combos. Too financially challenged to splurge on the stylist-approved stuff, I spent far too long trying several of the cheaper brand options, but my hair continually felt dull and weighed down.

Things changed, however, after a recent trip to a new salon. The place stocks products from Pureology, normally a pricey brand, but with the 20%-off discount my salon was offering, I decided it was worth a shot. It didn’t hurt that the hairdresser had used Pureology shampoo and conditioner on me just moments before, and the light and silky way my hair now felt provided all the proof I needed.


[All images from www.pureology.com]

So here’s what I bought:

haircare-purifyPurify Shampoo, for color-treated hair with impurities. Pureology describes the product as a 100% vegan, clarifying formula that helps protect color while still providing an effective cleanse. Features include a sulfate-free, salt-free formula made from coconut, corn and sugar, and added botanicals including aloe, rosemary, tea tree oil and peppermint. It smells good, it feels good, and the best part is it only takes a small amount to give my hair a thorough wash. That means one bottle will last me for quite a while, making a heftier price tag worth it in the end.

haircare-hydrateHydrate Conditioner, for dry color-treated hair. This one is also described as 100% vegan, and is designed to offer color protection and superior hydration. It contains soy, oat and wheat, plus conditioning plant extracts jojoba, green tea and sage—and it smells amazing! My hair feels so silky after I wash the conditioner out, and it continues to feel super soft all day long.

Although I went with my stylist’s recommendations, the website offers a hair consultation tool to help find the best Pureology product for your hair type. Based on the current state of my tresses, I highly suggest you check it out.